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Check out our fall newsletter! Chock full of info about Moliere in 2014, our winter hiatus, great play reading suggestions from Lenny Leibowitz, updates from some of our favorite actors, and much more! Do yourself a favor and check it out now.
Marvell Rep Stages newsletter

2 Comments on “Marvell Rep Stages newsletter

  1. Hi, Amy and Lenny – Joyous whatever you have or will be celebrating! We just received your latest newsletter and we have a suggestion or 2 to make. Might you send out your newsletters via e-mail? And, second, would your followers be invited to see your student productions? We were just thinking . . . we hope you are both well and settled in your new space. We also look forward to receiving notice of your upcoming productions. Love, Judi and Bob

    • Hi Judi and Bob! Forgive us for just seeing this — we have moved to WordPress and are a little new at it! We did send the leaders to a couple of the newsletter stories with links to the whole thing via email, and then donors like you also received it in the mail. We’ll work on getting the email version to look a little more like the real thing! And love your idea about the student productions — we will try to do that in the coming year! Looking forward to seeing you both!

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